Metalloviotechniki S.A. based in Piraeus, constitutes a production unit of maritime and industrial spare parts, with a 30-year presence in the Greek market.

The production of:
Expansion joints
Small compensators
Flexible metal hoses
Lock washers
Flexible coupling joints
Filters, etc.

represent the main activities of the company with a significant contribution to the needs of the Maritime & Industrial Sector.

Metalloviotechniki's big success is a result of the combination of the trained human potential, the practical experience and the organized machine equipment. The good cooperation between the different departments (Production, Quality, Finance, Sales, and Marketing) enables Metalloviotechniki to have an immediate response and to satisfy any demand of our broad number of customers.

The fact, that our main clients belong to the considerable Maritime and Industrial companies, emphasizes the importance of a short delivery time and of a qualitative production, which can be provided by our company. The Certification of Metalloviotechniki S.A. with ISO 9001 in October 2000 is an additional approval for a quality service and production.

The company's production is defined by the international standards (ANSI, DIN, JIS, etc.) and systematically checked out by internal and external Quality inspectors.

Of great importance is also the Exclusive Representation of BOA AG and MONTERO SA in Greece. Metalloviotechniki SA supplies the Greek market with expansion joints, vibration absorbers & flexible metal hoses (BOA AG), and with asbestos free gasket materials, fabric expansion joints and packings for pumps and valves (MONTERO SA).
The company’s export activities are focused on countries of the European Community (England, Germany) and on Egypt, Tunis, Dubai and Israel.