The flexible metal hoses are used as connecting & protective parts at piping systems. They are capable of absorbing vibration and oscillations at pipings where pumps and air compressors are used.

They are made exclusively by stainless steel AISI 321, 316Ti. In special applications with severe environment (medium, temperature, pressure), the flexible metal hoses can be manufactured by the suitable material, which is requested by the customer. Their corrugation height is short, and it enables the hose to have great elasticity. They are designed, in order to be able to withstand all the extreme conditions.

One of their main advantages is the single or multiple braid of stainless steel wire (braiding). Its aim is to absorb the reaction forces, which occur at the piping systems and to protect the fixed points and the vibration sources from fatigue. The braiding supports the flexible metal hose and enforces it in all conditions.

Flexible metal hoses have many applications. Some of them are:
Gas piping systems
Automotive industry
Aerospace & marine industry
Chemical plants
Food industry
Paper industry
Nuclear plants
Power plants
Military applications
Petrochemical industry
Machine manufacturing units